Briard dogs are an ancient breed mainly from France. They are known for their elegant and aristocratic look. They have a grey, tawny, or black coat with a large head & generous physique. They have a luxurious mane, hair that meets in the center of their heads and a hardworking yet entertaining aura.

An expression characterized as “frank and inquiring” is accentuated by a beautiful beard and eyebrows od these mammals. Briards are robust and rough, yet move with a nimble-footed pace, standing between 20 and 27 inches at the shoulder. They share features with other herders, including trainability, intelligence, a watchful eye toward family (particularly children, whom they see as their flock), and a wariness towards strangers.

Here are the 3 main reason why Briards would complement your lifestyle:

1.They work hard and protect the owners

Briards are huge, tireless dogs. Two or three Briards are reputed to be capable of handling 650 sheep and inexperienced owners may be intimidated by their work ethic and zeal for life. A dog with a pleasing appearance, vivacious and alert, robust without being coarse, strong in bone and muscle, displaying the strength and agility necessary of a herding dog. They retain a high degree of hereditary instinct to guard home and master.

Originally bred as herding and guard dogs, these working dogs were utilized by troops as sentries, ammo bearers, couriers, and medic dogs during World War I. Today, the Briard is mostly used as a companion dog, but they have achieved considerable success in obedience, agility, conformation, herding, carting, and tracking contests. They demonstrate their adaptability and working temperament.

  • They are agile and powerful

The Briard’s well-built power is a wonder of suppleness. His mobility has been described as “quicksilver,” allowing him to accomplish the sharp bends, jumping starts, and startling stops that sheepherding dogs demand. He walks with a fluid and light pace, almost like a giant feline. The dog’s stride creates the appearance that it is gliding across the ground.

The sheepdog requires strong, supple mobility. He is mostly a trotter, single-tracking and occasionally galloping, and he must regularly adjust his speed to do his tasks. His conformation is nicely balanced and powerful, allowing him to labor for long periods. Dogs who walk clumsily or in an inelegant manner are not preferred.

3.They are safe and entertaining

Briards are amazing animals that are worth buying as they provide hours of entertainment and a feeling of safety. These dogs have been around for centuries and typically come in different colors and temperaments, including goofy & playful or sensitive & timid. Early socialization is necessary to prevent any possible suspicious or fearful behaviors.

Most importantly, unlike other breeds of dogs, Briards are hypoallergenic. This means that people do not catch allergies from them. Thus, they are ideal for pets. Recently, they have been considered the new craze in the market of dogs.

Should I adopt a Briard?

Yes! the Briard makes a great family dog. He is devoted to his owner, happiest following you around the house while you do chores or watching you watch television on a rainy day.

Feel loved with the purchase of a Briard who is so loyal, loving, and spirited. Who would want to forego the opportunity of becoming the owner of such dashing, good-looking, and muscular dogs; Briards? Due to these characteristics, they are entitled as “hearts wrapped in fur.”