Briards of All Shapes and Sizes

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Built Like a Brick Dog House

Have you ever wondered how to make a pet house with bricks? Well, look no further as we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to take care of your pets. We asked our friend Sydney Meehan, co-owner of DC Masonry Pro in Washington D. C., to guide us depending on the type of dog you have.

           First off, different dogs can be kept as pets. They include dachshunds, poodles, bulldogs, pugs, beagles, and boxers. Each dog breed has its characteristics that will fit your pet house accordingly.

           When building your pet house in Minecraft, it is essential to plan out the structure in advance before you begin. If you don’t do this, then there will be wasted blocks, and you will be unhappy with your final product when you finish.

           To build a pet house for a dachshund, you must first group 9 cobblestone to make the main square of the dog’s home. Then next, you add three blocks on top of each other and put a single block between them to make a triangle. When you make the triangle, make sure it aligns perfectly with the square below it. This will be important later on when making this pet house because you can add doors and windows where the triangles are. Lastly, add three blocks behind the cobblestone that was just laid down to complete one side of your dog’s pet house.

           If you want to make a poodle’s pet house, you will need to gather together 11 cobblestone blocks and place them in the shape of a square. Next, take two more cobblestone blocks and put those on top of each other, so they look like a triangle. After that, attach the two triangles to have a perfect “H” shape. After that, add another block behind the cobblestone to finish off one side of your pet house.

           If you want to make a bulldog’s pet house:

  1. Gather 22 cobblestone blocks and pile them in the shape of a square.
  2. Put four half-blocks on the bottom and top of the square to attach a door later on.
  3. Put down one block from each corner to finish the sides off.

           For pugs, take two cobblestone blocks and place them up against each other, so they are touching to make a “T” shape. Next, stack four more cobblestones on top of each other, so they are directly touching the “T” shape. Lastly, take two cobblestone blocks to fill in the gap between each block you have just laid down.

           For beagles, place three cobblestone blocks in an “L” shape and add another one behind it for support. Then put another three cobblestone blocks on top of each other to form a triangle. After that, take two cobblestone blocks to fill in the gap you have just made by putting down your triangle.

           Lastly, if you want to make a boxers pet house, place three cobblestone blocks, so they are all touching each other to form a triangle. Next, take four more cobblestone blocks and set them up in the shape of an “X” to touch one another. After that, put two cobblestone blocks behind your pet house to finish it off.

           There you have it; now you know how to make the perfect.

10 Ways to Build a Patio Area For Your Briard

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for your furry friend, you may not have considered a brick area. Brick is a great surface for dogs because it is durable and easy to clean. Plus, dogs seem to love the texture of bricks!

We asked the professionals at Memphis Masonry Pros to tell us the best way to build a pet patio. Below is their advice.

If you’re looking for a location to create an outdoor dog area, consider using your backyard, a patio area, or even your front yard. If you want to make an area specifically for your dog, create a space that is about 1/3 the size of your backyard.


* bricks (one per foot)

* playing field grass sod

* edging stones

* weed-blocking fabric

* weed-free straw

* masonry sand

* rubber mulch or playground bark mulch

* bricks or stones for a border, edging, and corners

Tools: tarp for soil, shovel, measuring tape, hose with sprayer attachment, circular saw (optional)

Steps: 1. First, you’ll want to measure the area where you want to create your dog zone.

2. Next, using a shovel, excavate the area down to the soil level. Remove any large rocks or roots in the process. If your area is on concrete or another hard surface, you can skip this step.

3. Lay down a layer of weed-blocking fabric.

4. Add a 2-inch layer of weed-free straw.

5. Lay the bricks in place, making sure to stagger the joints. If you are using a circular saw, cut the bricks to size.

6. Once the bricks are in place, add a layer of sand to the brick area.

7. Water thoroughly. 8. Place the grass sod on top of the sand, making sure to keep it even with the bricks or stones on all sides. You can use edging stones or bricks on the edge of your masonry surface to create a more finished look.

9. Add rubber mulch or playground bark mulch to the area.

10. Finally, add a border of bricks or stones around the perimeter of your dog zone.